We are first Token of multiple agribusiness industry-backed cryptos
that will foster green agro projects.


This cryptocurrency is part of an ecosystem created to support, help and generate mass micro-funds for the improvement of the PLANET.

Our purpose is to become a global reference in the development of disruptive technologies applied to agriculture.

We rely on blockchain technologies of 4th generation, IoT and Agro 4.0 to make the most of our resources and foster green agro projects.

Join us to build the most innovative agro project, and be part of one of the few cryptocurrencies backed by an actual project and people that are willing to add value to society through technology.


We are first Token of multiple agribusiness industry-backed cryptos
that will foster green agro projects.


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It is essential to double food production, reduce waste,
and take care of the planet's environment.
- United Nations -



An estimated 33% of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste.

Just 2% of farmer owners has the chance to invest in Agro 4.0 technologies.

Around 40% is the gap between global water supply and demand projected by 2030 if current practices continue.


The Avocado Coin will be a window of opportunity for the development of IoT and Agro 4.0 technologies that will enable the more efficient use of resources, applying crop monitoring in terms of irrigation, pest control, and other processes in the value chain that cause a third of the production to be lost.

Agriculture MUST embrace a digital transformation that is pillared by connectivity & dependability.


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Agro 4.0
Agro 4.0


Blockchain Technology
Blockchain Technology


Utility vs Security Token / Legal Opinion
Utility vs Security Token / Legal Opinion

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Investors PITCH (EN)

Token Distribution



The public sale of tokens will finance the expansion of the project and the sustainability of the entire business model. For this reason, it represents the largest percentage.

Treasure token are strategically keep locked for unforeseen extraordinary situations.

Technology development is already in motion but we need resources for developing in depth Agro 4.0 technologies. We already have an MVP were we can start our work.

Founders and team are the backbone of the system. It is very important that both the founding team and the rest feel a sense of belonging to the project; this percentage will allow a deep focus for the good performance of the whole business.

Marketing and Loyalty are an important part of the project they are the evangelizers the whole initiative helping with the addition of people including governments and institutions. We will have both, cash and cryptos to pay for their participation.

Tokens offerings: This will provide a financial boost to kick-start the entire business strategy and to fulfill future investments.

Advisors, partners: some roles need to be fulfilled by key experts

Symbol: AVDO

Initial Value:1 AVDO = 1000 USD



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our token will be support in Solana’s blockchain. Solana is a key technological alliance because will not only meet the needs of COINS and TOKENS but also support the information and data of all IoT sensors within the initiative Agro 4.0 and also all the information of the sale and export to international markets, so there is transparency and traceability of the ecosystem in 360 degrees.
We believe that technology is the way to improve the lives of the people without hurting the planet, for that reason we created a business model to develop and apply technology in a win-win scenario, the producers get a fair deal, the consumers get the product they want and investors get great returns of investment.
Within the currency roadmap, we have 3 months after the release to start having participation in different EXCHANGES in the market, we already have conversations with several of them such as: AltumX and LATOKEN.
Each exchange has its conditions and methodologies, we are very interested in being the most important circulating currency aimed at end users, although we have been in contact with BITSO, they have told us that the listing process in their exchange goes through several committees and conditions, So we hope to one day be listed with them and we are totally open to work with any exchange that allows us to move forward in our expansion plans
In order to get AvocadoCoin tokens directly from us, you need to undergo the KYC verification procedure (Know Your Customer). Mandatory KYC procedure is the requirement of banks and regulatory institutions that service our operating company.
You can also get coins directly from people who have already purchased and are interested in selling them, we can gladly support you in a list of people who might be interested in doing this exchange. If you are interested, write us on the contact form and we will gladly answer you.
The price of AvocadoCoin at the stage of token pre-sale is: $500 USD per coin. The ICO price will be $1000 USD per coin
Pre-ICO takes place on October 15th, ICO on December 15th until April 15th.
There are 21,000,000 AvocadoCoins, no more no less. Which will be sold as well as delivered to communities, payment systems, loyalty ecosystems, clubs, and many other markets where each of them will contribute to the expansion and give value.
The number of circulating tokens (AVDO) will be 21,000,000. This is enough to financially sustain and progress our Avocado Projects that will be funded through the purchase of AvocadoCoin, no more coins can be generated. This fixed amount will maintain the coin's scarcity causing its value to hold steady while making growth inevitable.


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Gonzalo Araújo C
Mauricio Villasmil
Member of the Board
Alba Medina
Alba Medina
Head of Global Investors
Luis Enrique Maumejean Godoy
Luis Maumejean
Chief Commercial Officer
Gonzalo Yañez Cavazos
Gonzalo Yañez Cavazos
Chief Marketing Officer
Ingrid Orozco
Ingrid Orozco
Strategic Partner,
Member of the Board
Manuel F. Ruiz Alfaro
Manuel F. Ruiz Alfaro
Strategic Partner,
Branding And Marketing Consultant
Eduardo G. Chapeta
Chief Innovation Officer
Diego Lastra
Chief Technology Officer
Enrrí González
Senior Evaluator of Agro Projects
Osvaldo Vasquez
Jose Núñez
Marketing Consultant
Andrés Solózarno
Crypto Advisor
Joel Ruíz
Tax & Accounting Advisor
Daniel Echauri
SVP Business Operations
Henryk Dabrowski
USA investor advisor
Fernando Ortiz
Management Advisor
Hermann Ballesteros
Technology Advisor


This is a timeline of our milestones, we will keep updating and adding more as we
move forward in our strategy

Alliance with avocado farmers
3 Private Events to offer the cryptos at a discount price
Initial Public Coin Offering
Press release, mass media communication
Business Plan development, land purchases, IoT first investment
Avocados and derivatives commercialization
Current stage

Our Allies

A new kind of cryptocurrency backed by the multi-billion dollar avocado industry.



It's essential to double our food production, reduce waste and take care of natural resources, let's make a change together. Join us!

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